Who we are

1. Qualification

Harmony Community Foundation is the first Chinese foundation named after ' community foundation'. 

It is one of the first charitable organizations recognized by Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. 

Winner of the first ' Kumquat Award ' domestic foundation. 

Ranked NO.1 of FTI ( China Foundation Transparency Index ) in the country 

Ranked TOP30 of 2018 China Charity Credit.

Harmony Community Foundation has its own real estate and endowment.

2. Parterners

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3.Introduction of founders


Liu Xiaogang

Chairman of the Board

Liu Xiao Gang is the first Chinese entrepreneur regarded charity as a career and carried out professional operations. 

She received the MPA degree from Harvard Kennedy College in 2006.  

Chairman of Guangdong Lions Club 2007-2008.

Former vice president of China Council of Lions Clubs.

Secretary-General of the SEE(Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology) Foundation.

 In 2009, she founded the Harmony Community Foundation and was elected as the director of the International Lions Club in 2017.


Li You

Honorary Chairman of the Board

Reportage author.

Winners of the First Lifetime Achievement Award for Chinese Reportage.

He used to be a reporter of Guangming Daily, director of Beijing Branch of China Writers Association, a professional writer.

He went to Hong Kong in 1988 to join the business sector, serving as the chairman of Guangdong Tianchuo Industrial Group.

He returned to the reportage industry in 2002, and is current the vice president of the Chinese Society of Reportage.


Zhu Jiangang

Vice president of the Board

Professor and doctoral supervisor, Zhou Enlai School of Government Management, Nankai University. 

Ph.D., Chinese University of Hong Kong. He studies anthropology, non-profit and charity industry. His major research fields are social organizations, urban and rural communities, etc. 

He is a member of the Committee of Experts of the Association for the Promotion of Social Organizations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and a director of the International Third Sector Research Society.

4.Development course

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5.Our position

We focus on the Pearl River Delta communities: Supporting people in the local communities using its own resources to solve its own problems.

We position ourselves as the public welfare hub of the Pearl River Delta:We work together with diverse organizations and individuals to enhance our ability to cope with the key challenges facing the community. We have accumulated rich experience in funding and community mobilization. On these basis, we can relatively match resources to the most appropriate place.

What we do

Our work ethic:

We believe that the core of community development is the change of people. When citizens participate in community activities, good governance of the community can be achieved. Just the injection of external resources without internal motivation, the development of the community woudn't be sustainable.

Our work method:

We are not directly involved to cultivate citizens in the community, but to find potential active individuals and organizations, activate their vitality, and support those to build change.

Our work areas:

At the precent, our actions mainly based on three issues : education, environment and leadership of communities.